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Juniors Programs at Tang Soo Do University - Moorpark

Help your child develop essential skills that they can apply to all areas of life and discover the amazing benefits they will experience in all aspects of their lives!


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Give your child the tools they need to succeed

Today’s world is getting tough for kids and teens. Our goal is to create a safe place to learn self-defense, discipline, and confidence without being ridiculed for their mistakes. This sense of identity will boost their confidence and help increase their assertiveness when dealing with the high-pressure situations they’re faced with on a daily basis. Kids and teens need a place to become independent from their parents, and be challenged to work towards their maximum potential.


Plus, our frequent social activities help them to get involved with other teens who have similar goals and standards. This is a great way to keep accountability and increase social-skills.

At Tang Soo Do University - Moorpark, we Teach the Same Values You Teach at Home.

Our martial arts classes foster respect in all senses of the word. Your teen will learn not only to respect others, but to respect themselves as well. Self-confidence is key in carrying respect into the home, school, and other social situations.

Basic Training

The Junior Basic Program is designed for students to get a feel of what martial arts is all about. Children will learn self-control, focus, discipline, self-defense, confidence and respect. This trial program is designed to introduce students to martial arts.


Finally, your child will learn to interact and work with others. Not only that, it’s incredibly good exercise, keeping your children healthy and happy!

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6-12 Yrs

Helps kids build confidence

Teaches respect for others

Excellent form of exercise

Helps kids develop control of their emotions

Black Belt Club

Our Black Belt Club is for students who are ready to make the commitment to achieving Black Belt Excellence.


Children in this program will have the extra opportunity to learn basic sparring and weapons training. The weapons training helps children with coordination, dexterity and strength.

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Advanced Black Belt Training

This program is reserved for those Black Belts who have made their commitment towards training for higher levels of Black Belt.


Black Belts will be trained in knife, stick and ground defense techniques.

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Masters Club

The Masters Club is our highest level of training.


Children will learn to become role models and leaders in the school. They will also learn grappling, kickboxing and XMA (gymnastics) training.


Students will truly learn to understand dedication and responsibility.

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Leadership Training

Leadership Training is for students of all ages. This very elite program is for the students that want the ultimate martial arts experience.


Membership classes also include weekly classes dedicated to challenge the student that desires to be a superior martial artist and community leader.

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